About AIDI Biomedical

Our Mission

A.I.D.I. Biomedical, LLC. is dedicated to providing top quality products with minimum cost to all of our customers.

We believe that by using the latest technology, we will provide dentists/surgeons and patients the best quality and most advanced dental implants and related products. We also believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers by providing professional, yet personal service and technical support (including training and education).

ISO and FDA Registered Facility

The manufacturing facility is ISO-9001:2008 and FDA registered. This facility is also ISO-9000 and class III medical device facility.

A.I.D.I. Biomedical, LLC. is a company that continually strives for excellence. We maintain exceptional quality by complying to ISO-13485:2003, ISO-9001:2008 and FDA standards.

Cutting Edge Machines

Because extreme accuracy is mandatory, highly specialized precision equipment is necessary. We operate advanced CNC automatic Swiss Screw Machines with multiple-axis and multiple turning compatibilities. Production is supported by a growing capacity of our precision machining CNC lathes, mills, drill presses, finishing and secondary tools.

Quality Control

A.I.D.I. Biomedical, LLC. critically inspects every aspect of development and production to ensure quality at every step from manufacturing to shipping in order to meet ISO and ASTM standards.

On-time Delivery

We put your parts in your hands when you need them.

Quality and Price Philosophy 

A.I.D.I. Biomedical LLC is dedicated to providing exceptional products with minimum cost to all of our customers.

It seems to be industry standard for most implant companies to allocate majority of their annual budget to bloated executive expenses(such as extravagant accommodations, company cars, etc.) as well as with high costs associated with major promotional campaigns, events, paid speakers and other costly marketing expenses. These additional expenditures invariably have little influence on the quality of their products, and they only serve to flood the market with inferior products that will inevitably lead to a higher percentage of implant failures. Furthermore, the higher marketing costs are factored into the price of their products and services ensuring a lower profit margin for doctors.

As a company focused on new media, we have successfully eliminated most of these marketing expenses. A.I.D.I. Biomedical provides all pertinent information on this website and through various media channels, which we will continue to expand, thus significantly reducing the need for costly marketing materials and promotional campaigns. These savings are passed on to dental specialists using our products.

The vast majority of our resources are dedicated to designing, researching, and manufacturing the highest quality implant-related products on the most advance equipment available. Even experienced practitioners will receive a wide spectrum of benefits from our advanced dental implant systems.

Prior to the launch of our dental implant systems, our products were utilized in thousands of cases and were reviewed in clinical study for a number of years. A.I.D.I. Biomedical Dental Implant Systems have proved to be the best products on the market today and offer a 99% success rate. Compared to other major dental implant companies, A.I.D.I. Biomedical offers the best products for a minimal cost.

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