Dental Implant Material


1. a. What material do we use for our dental implants?

    b. What’s the advantage of our material compared to “pure titanium”?



1 a & 1 b. The material we used is Titanium 6Al4V Eli Alloy according to ASTM F136 standard. It is one of the mostly used titanium material in medical industry. The Titanium ELI offers a much better fracture roughness to the commercial pure titanium. This is critical in providing high torque strength to enhance initial stability for immediate placement and loading.

Below is a table from the book of “Contemporary Implant Dentistry” by Carl E. Misch (Carl Misch is co-founder of BioHorizon and one of the best known authorities in dentistry. The book “Contemporary Implant Dentistry” is the #1 best selling dentistry book in the world). The table reveals that ELI titanium has much better mechanical properties than commercial pure Titanium.

The ELI titanium also has excellent bio-compatibility. It has been utilized in implant application for a long time. Page 4 of ASTM F136 standard reveals “The alloy composition covered by this specification has been employed successfully in human implant applications in contact with soft tissue and bone for over a decade.” and “Long-term clinical experience of the use of the material referred to in this specification, however, has shown that an acceptable level of biological response can be expected”