Indications of Use


IDI Implant System is made up of endosseous implants intended to be surgically placed in the bone of the upper or lower jaws to provide support for prosthetic devices, such  as an artificial tooth, in order to restore patient aesthetics and chewing function. Straight abutments indicated for both screw retained and cemented restorations are included. The implants are indicated for single or multiple unit restorations and can be used in splinted and non – splinted applications. The device is intended for immediate loading when good primary stability has been achieved with the appropriate occlusal load.


Implants should not be placed anytime when there are general contraindications associated with elective oral surgery or radiation therapy. Absolute and relative contraindications include, but are not limited to: cardiac and vascular disease, bleeding disorders, psychological disorders, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, mineral, bone, or connective tissue disorders, renal disease, hepatic disease, auto-immune disorders, chemotherapy, decreased immune function due to disease or medications, infectious disorders, and adverse conditions caused by medications, such as Fosamax®. Further relative contraindications include poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, bruxism,
malnutrition, alcoholism, heavy tobacco usage, and history of radiation therapy. Furthermore, the patient needs an adequate volume of residual bone for the placement of implants of sufficient size and number to support the anticipated functional loads to which the patient will subject these implants.