Professional Testimonials

“ I have placed more than 1200 IDI implants between June 2010 to Feb 2011, only 2 fell out. Very impressive… this is the perfect dental implant system.” (success rate is 99%)

“Your implants are very impressive. I like it very much, easy to use and I can achieve primary stability almost every time. It is amazing that it is so powerful. I love it.”

“I have done many cases with AIDI implants, it is very easy to use and it really just torques into bone very nicely, very little drilling if any.”
~Jen Wong, DDS. (Arizona, USA) USC Graduate

“Since I started using IDI dental implant system, I do not feel the tightness (initial stability) from other dental implant system comparing to IDI dental implant system. Only IDI dental implant system can provide such high primary stability which helps me increase my success rate.”
~S. Sherif, B.D.S., D.Med.Sc., Prosthodontist (California, USA) Harvard Graduate

“With 2 mm remaining bone in vertical height, I can establish primary stability in conjunction with open sinus graft.”
~an implant surgeon