Private Label Capability


AIDI Biomedical is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for third parties. Being experts in the research, development and manufacturing of dental implants we have capabilities to provide innovative solutions and assist dental companies in fulfilling many of their design and manufacturing needs. Our experienced professionals are focused on both, product quality and high product efficiency.

AIDI Biomedical is your one stop, full service, Private Label Source.

All our products meet applicable International standards of manufacturing, trace-ability, safety, labeling and packaging.

Our mission is to provide our Customers with exceptional quality at affordable costs.

A smooth customer experience. With over 10 years of experience as a dental implant and restorative component manufacturer, AIDI Biomedical research & development team is offering Private Labeling for our dental implant systems.  We offer a multitude of services provide all the necessary resources  to meet all of your product requests.

 In the increasingly high-pressure world of manufacturing, outsourcing has become a way of survival for many companies. To others it is simply a way of cutting costs while maintaining quality. AIDI Biomedical has the capability to assist dental companies in fulfilling many of their design and manufacturing needs. Our experienced product design and manufacturing professionals are focused on quality, reducing overhead and increasing productivity.

AIDI Biomedical wants to be the best partner in quality by performing intensive testing on all manufactured products which guarantees safety and effectiveness, designing new products in compliance with regulatory requirements that meet customer demands, supplying products just in time and fit for use at competitive prices, providing customers with the best possible support and offering training for users to assure correct procedures are applied for patients.

The team at AIDI Biomedical, LLC.,  follows exemplary quality control procedures when developing and manufacturing all products and complies strictly with standard FDA and ISO regulations. Our private label products are also designed to make sure you are in complete compliance with any requirement and with the help of our in-house research facility, we have the ability to work with you to develop your own unique design or private label one of our existing AIDI Biomedical products.

• Manufacturing (production lead time) begins after final art approval from customer, AIDI Biomedical, and FDA/ISO (if applicable).
• Please allow reasonable lead-time for production, following art approvals. (Some products may take longer, check with your sales rep. for availability.)
• Contact sales rep to receive specific guidelines for supplied artwork are available.
• To request specific product design, please e-mail the Senior Engineer:
•  Any custom ship label deviations in size, color, or information will incur an additional cost per case.

Minimum Order Volumes

Contact AIDI Biomedical representative to receive a quote and minimum order requirements for exisitng and custom designs.


FDA Submission Charges
We use an FDA registration service per submission (Charges do apply and registering multiple products at one time will save you money.)