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IDI/AIDI Dental Implant Systems

~Written by William Y.S. Hung, D.D.S., J.D., Prosthodontist

Since Dr. Branemark introduced dental implants to North America in 1982, millions of patients have benefited from the advantages of implant-supported fixed restoration. Implant Dentistry not only provides comfort, ease, effective and immediate restoration of occlusal function, but they have also improved the esthetic appearance of our patients’ smiles.

Our experiences in using IDI Dental Implant over the many years have shown that both patients and doctors cannot detect differences between dental implant restorations and natural teeth.

Immediate Implant Placement

Prosthodontists and periodontists can avoid frequent surgical procedures and reduce the waiting period (shortening treatment time by 4 to 6 months) by placing IDI Dental implants immediately after extracting unrestorable teeth. This procedure not only can reduce the psychological distress from losing a tooth, but this technique can also restore esthetics and occlusal function immediately. Success rates of 99% for immediate implant placement have been found.

Immediate Impression
In many cases, immediately after IDI Dental Implant placement, the advantage of IDI dental Implant fixture mount abutment and the ball screw allowed dentist to take final impression if initial stability exceeds 45Ncm. Dentist can fabricate provisional restoration immediately. Therefore, a provisional restoration can be used for functional or non-functional loading if appropriate primary stability and adequate occlusal loading can be achieved.

Immediate Loading
If the volume of remaining jaw bone is enough to house a wide or long implant and appropriate primary stability and adequate occlusal loading can be achieved, the patient may receive an implant restoration (temporary or permanent) and may enjoy the benefits of eating and chewing on the same day (immediate functional loading). However, if there is only a limited amount of jawbone remaining, we still suggest a 4-6 month waiting period before a restoration is placed. In aesthetic zone, dentist may provide a provisional restoration without loading (Immediate non-functional loading).

Osteotome Sinus Lift
Osteotome sinus lift was originally introduced by Dr. Summer in 1994 and 1995. He published four articles regarding the sinus lift method. His techniques effectively increased the success rate of implant placement, which particularly benefits patients who have lost their teeth and large amounts of jaw bone due to periodontal disease. By applying new designed/ patented IDI osteotome, we can preserve and condense limited amounts of remaining bone. Implants can be placed at the same time (within 10-20 minutes following completion of the procedure). In addition, this osteotome can effectively lift the maxillary sinus for those who suffer from sinus pneumatization. The Osteotome technique has helped many of patients to avoid complicated bone grafts and open sinus surgeries (Caldwel-Luc Approach) that may require much more extensive surgical procedures and healing time before implants can be placed. In the past few years, we have experienced many exciting results; patients who received these services have had very high success rate.

In the past many years IDI research and engineering team has successfully developed the most advanced dental implant system-IDI Dental Implant System. Clinical studies have shown close to 99% success rate. Mechanical studies meet ISO 14801 standards. Comparison studies show that IDI is a much stronger and more durable than most other major brand dental Implants on the market.