UCLA Abutments

UCLA2AIDI Biomedical UCLA Abutments provide clinicians with an affordable, yet dynamic, solution for impressions and provisional/final restorations.  This abutment benefits clinical implications where thickness of tissue may be of concern. 

Although restorations utilizing a single unit UCLA Abutment is common, our system may be used as a multi-unit system (open or close tray). Since our abutments efficiently bond with PMMA and composite resins, a multi-unit UCLA abutment structure would offer better overall stability and a more accurate impression casting for lab.


IDI® UCLA Abutment

The IDI® UCLA Abutment is offered in engaged and non-engaged versions of the abutment design. and is compatible with the Nobel Biocare® tri-lobe internal connection design.


AIDI® UCLA Abutment

The AIDI® UCLA Abutment is offered in engaged and non-engaged versions of the abutment design.


AIDI UCLA  Plastic Abutments provide the Following Advantages:

1. Immediate Final Impression

3 advantages by using IDI UCLA Plastic Abutment taking multiple units

  • Abosutely accurate: splinting UCLA non-engaging abutment to reduce framework try-in procedure.
  • Avoid impression coping.
  • Casting abutment.

2. Price Advantage
IDI UCLA Plastic Abutment $70 v.s. REPLACE Gold Adapted Abutment $211

  1. Reduced Cost of Precious Metal up to US$450/per unit
    IDI UCLA Plastic Abutment castable w/non-precious/precious/semi-precious metal. Lab cost of nonprecious
    metal $0 v.s. Precious metal $450 per unit.

4. Rigid & Accurate
UCLA Plastic Abutment is made of high quality machined PMMA. Clinical studies, have successfully shown
that the UCLA Plastic Abutments are absolutely accurate and rigid.

5. Bonding w/PMMA and composite resin
Can be used as a long-term provisional abutment up to one year.

6. Color coding
Magenta(3.5mm), Yellow(4.3mm), Blue(5.0mm), Green(6.0mm)

7. Engaging & Non-Engaging.

8. Can be used for Single unit / Multiple unit / Custom Abutment / Screw and cement