Zirconia Long Implant Drills


Zirconia Dental Implant Drills – Long

Zirconia Dental Implant Drills to minimize issues related to excessive heat – causing bone necrosis

Drills exhibit exceptional resistance to abrasion.

Zirconia material is safer on alveolar bone than other metallic materials

Zirconia drills do not rust after sterilization in autoclaves.

Implant Design: Additional features of AIDI Biomedical – Zirconia Long Drill DesignAIDI drill designs efficiently catch and preserve natural bone during the drilling process.

  1. Preserve autogenous bone and save cost of bone grafting material.
  2. Autogenous bone has the best bone quality.
  3. Accelerate healing process.
  4. Autogenous bone itself contains BMP bone and osteoblast which is the best grafting material.
  5. The clear cover of the pouch of IDI dental implant can be used as a sterile tray for collecting autogenous bone.
  6. Additional autogenous bone can be obtained from a tuberosity, ramous or 3rd molar area by using AIDI drills. The wound is small and it will heal in a shorter period of time. Flap operation is not necessary.

The long drill is designed to be used for 10.5 mm, 13.5 mm or 16 mm dental implant.

AIDI Biomedical offers the very best in quality for all of our implant product systems and instrumentation. Visit our online store to purchase our new AIDI Biomedical Zirconia Dental Implant Drills.