AIDI Dental Implants


Bioperfect® System Designs



MultiMargin® and MultiMargin® Dental Implant System



AIDI MultiMargin® and MultiPlatform® implant systems are designed to accommodate issues related to Tissue Recession, Implant Exposure and Minimum Bone. The Bioperfect® system is meant to follow the biological contour of a natural alveolar ridge. By utilizing a cervical slope or a platform switch, adjustments to crown height can be made without removing dental implant.



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 NanoMicro® Dental Implant System


AIDI NanoMicro® dental implant systems are designed to accommodate issues related:

  • Rescue for implantfailure due to lack of buccal plate
  • Minimum mesio-distal space
  • Place in narrow ridges without damaging buccal plate
  • Capable of angualtion change
  • Allows for site relocation

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